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A Buyer’s Guide to the Custom IVR Phone Systems

The automation capabilities of interactive voice response (IVR) systems can assist support teams in meeting the ever-increasing expectations of consumers. Custom IVR phone systems can improve customer satisfaction and first-contact resolution rates if they are well integrated into your workflow and display clear and topical menu options.

As a result, IVR is a must-have for businesses that handle high volumes of inbound sales and support calls, such as call centers.

What exactly is an IVR system?

An interactive voice response (IVR) system is a type of phone software that greets callers with a menu of options.

Callers can interact with IVR systems by speaking into the phone or pressing a number on the keypad. IVR may, depending on the configuration,:

  • Compile caller information
  • Calls are routed based on caller input.
  • Give information
  • Receipt payments
1. Zendesk

The Zendesk custom IVR phone systems can provide you with the functionality, flexibility, and usability you require.

Connect your customers to the appropriate call center agents to reduce wait time and improve phone support efficiency.

With an IVR system, you can easily create a menu of options from which callers can choose via keypresses and route the customer to the appropriate agent for their needs. It can also ensure that customers are directed to the appropriate department.


  • Overflow, after-hours, and group call routing
  • Size of the queue and wait time
  • Call logging
  • Mute and warm transfers are all options.
  • Call forwarding in the event of a failure
  • Personalize greetings
  • Call monitoring and eavesdropping
2. Twilio

Twilio is worth a look if you want to get your hands dirty and build your own fully customized IVR system. Twilio provides flexible API tools for integrating processes and data into every aspect of your IVR system setup.

Even though the software is self-contained, Twilio provides assistance. Twilio’s AI-powered Autopilot platform enables the development of self-service voice assistants. Twilio Studio also includes a no-code, drag-and-drop builder for creating intelligent call flows. Finally, Twilio’s custom ivr phone systems open infrastructure allows you to integrate your favorite applications.


  • Call monitoring
  • Voice assistance that is intelligent
  • Integration of payment methods
  • Omnichannel text-to-speech support
  • Global gatherings
  • Transcription of phone calls
3. The LiveAgent

The LiveAgent call center solution includes a VoIP phone system with IVR, automatic call distribution (ACD), call recording, intelligent routing, and video calling. Their call center software is a good fit for teams that handle both inbound and outbound calls and place an emphasis on building relationships with customers and responding quickly to support requests.


  • Call recordings are unlimited.
  • Management of agent availability
  • ACD stands for automatic call distribution.
  • Call forwarding
  • Internal communications
  • Click-to-call functionality
  • CRM incorporation
4. Use GoToConnect

You can use GoToConnect’s IVR to create recorded menus and prompts to welcome customers and callers to your call center. Customers can use GoTo Connect to self-service simple issues or connect to an agent for more complex issues.

Every aspect of the design of this IVR system is centered on quickly connecting your customers to the best service representative. However, you must select the best plan for your IVR requirements. The basic plan includes only one call queue and one recorded greeting.


  • Callback to the auto-queue
  • Agent messages that have been pre-recorded
  • Queues for SMS
  • Call routing that is intelligent
  • Premium IVR integrations for auto attendants
5. CXone NICE

NICE CXone’s cloud IVR platform includes interactive voice response as one of its capabilities.

Its IVR systems improve routing and issue resolution without the need for human intervention, resulting in lower costs and better service. A tightly integrated ACD is also included with the NICE CXone’s IVR.

With its no-code graphic user interface for configuring new call flows, NICE CXone makes updating business rules simple. NICE CXone does not publish their IVR prices, so interested buyers must contact their sales department for a quote.


  • Routing across multiple channels
  • Call logging
  • Workload prediction
  • Natural language understanding
  • Dashboards that are updated in real time
  • Administration centralized
6. Five9

Five9, which is equipped with visual IVR, a feature that sends customers an SMS link that they can use to access a graphically customized IVR phone system, can assist you in optimizing your call center for a mobile experience. Furthermore, Five9 offers supplemental features such as a dashboard that unifies service channel functions for easier management.

Five9 provides everything you’d expect from a full-fledged contact center solution, including pre-built CRM integrations, AI-driven agent assistance, and agent desktops, in addition to IVR functionality.


  • IVR app for mobile
  • Responses that have been scripted
  • Customer intelligence Skill-based routing Call recording
How do you select the best IVR services for your support center?

The type of custom IVR phone system you require is determined by the nature of your business and the purpose of the system. Some IVR phone systems are intended for inbound or outbound calling, while others are intended for both. In any case, your IVR phone system should be able to handle the types of calls your agents will make, whether inbound or outbound.